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Art and science rarely blend so seamlessly as in the works of Dr. Angelika Domschke. Born in Germany, raised amongst the cultural diversity and freethinking affluence of Hamburg, and schooled as a chemist, Angelika distills essential beauty from her fantastic illustrations with uncompromising German precision. Noted for "bringing her works to life," she combines her vivid and sometimes whimsical imagination with her talent for classical realism to breathe life into the subjects of her drawings.

Angelika wrote and illustrated her first children's book How Nicky Kicks His Cold, a fairy tale encouraging good health, in 2000 www.kickthecold.com. She since has inspired and illustrated children's books and elementary school lessons plans devoted to healing and better health. As scientist, she is dedicated to health care and medical devices. Her scientific accomplishments were honored by the invitation to be co-author in Nanomedical Device and Systems Design, an academic book (publisher Taylor & Francis Group) that also features her cover art.

The Illustrator

Angelika Domschke