"Roger, roger!" I say.

   Bip! . . . "Klszj//bgiehf78y4//jbhnpv2mon//-


   "Hang on, everyone!" Pitstop yells.

   At the corridor Pitstop veers right. We nearly tip over.

   "What's the plan? What's the plan?" Cammy asks.

   Tux sighs heavily. "More trouble."

   Pitstop races down the corridor, speeds through a domed building, and enters another tunnel.

   "We have to get off these floors," I say.

  "I know," Pitstop says. "We're almost there."

   "Where are we going?" Wick asks.

  "I know this city like my back seat," Pitstop says. "These androids don't. I'm going to confuse them. You'll love this."

   I glance back at the tunnel end. I still don't see any androids. They may be heavy, but they aren't brainless. I expect they'll figure out how to catch up.

   When I face forward, I see that Pitstop is rushing directly toward a line of headlights. Up ahead, a dozen vehicles are parked side by side blocking the corridor.

   "Hey, Pitstop!" I yell.

   "I see'em," Pitstop yells.

   "Pitstop, we're going to crash!"

   "No, we won't."

   We drive closer and closer, faster and faster. Cammy keeps close to me. Tux shakes his helmet and covers the glare shield. The bright headlights now sting my camera eyes.

   "PITSTOP!" I close my eyes.

   I wait for the crash but it doesn't happen. I open my camera eyes. 

   As pistop speeds through the tunnel, we laugh and laugh.

   "Jpeg, send this code in a radio signal," Pitstop says. "Full volume! Klszj//bgiehf78y4-


   As pistop speeds through the tunnel, we laugh and laugh.

   "Jpeg, send this code in a radio signal," Pitstop says. "Full volume! Klszj//bgiehf78y4-


   Cammy leans against my side." Jpeg, this is bad. This is really bad."

   I raise a paw in front of Cammy's flash bulb.

   Tux crosses his gloved arms over his glare shield. "I should have stayed in space."

   "outsmarted," begins Toid 1.

   "Outwitted," adds Toid 2.

   "Outfoxed!" finishes Toid 3.

   "Listen you dudes, dittos, and duplicates, let's be reasonable," I say. "We were never meant to be space debris. Our arrival on the Mining Colony was all a misunderstanding."

   "Disruption," begins Toid 1.

   "Disorder," adds Toid 2.

   "Distraction!" finishes Toid 3.

   "What do you plan to do to us?" I ask the androids.

   "Mangle," begins Toid 1.

   "Melt," adds TOid 2.

   "Mold!" finishes Toid 3.

  They're determined to throw my bot friends and me into black cauldrons of molten steel. I didn't travel all this way from home just to become nuts and bolts.

   "Oh, no, not me, and certainly not my bot friends," I say.

   "Submit," begins Toid 1.

   "Surrender," adds Toid 2.

   "Succumb!" finishes Toid 3.

   "No, no, and no," I say. "Pitstop, now!"  

   Pitstop's rear tires spin and squeal. We back up so fast we're nearly jerked out onto the floor, but we hang on.

   "Go! Go! Go!" I yell.

   Pitstop makes a quick 180-degree spin and races for the tunnel. I glance back to see the androids reaching down with their stiff metal arms. They may have terabytes for brains, but their reflexes are as slow as oozing oil.

   Pitstop swerves around a luggage cartbot stacked high with suitcases and bags. It veers, too, but the suitcases tip then spill onto the floor. The androids run right into the pile. They slip and slide and collapse on the floor, their yellow beams flashing in all directions. The annoyed cartbot honks its horn over and over.

   "You clumsy androids! yells the cartbot.

Chapter 1

We Can Panic Now

   These Automatoids stand in our way of boarding the starjet. Their camera eyes shoot flickering yellow beams at me and my bot friends. These Mining Colony toids escaped the crane's claw hand and have tracked us down. Maybe someone sent them a radio signal.

Escape From Moon City One

Book 3

The Stellar Life of Jpeg the Robot Dog

A Chapter Book Series           Ages 6-8

Copyright 2014 C. J. Atticus

Illustrations Copyright 2014 Angelika Donschke

Pages 116                        

The exciting adventures of Jpeg the robot

dog who searches the universe for the

meaning of friendship.

   Now I understand. Pitstop had me send a message to friends.

   Hobbybots have blocked the corridor, and we drove through them. There are red ones, blue ones, green and yellow ones. Some are trucks like Pitstop, others are shaped like race cars. They drive away from us and enter the domed building that we left behind.

   "That was smart of you, Pitstop!" I say.

   "Those Swamp Rats will keep your androids busy," Pistop says.

   "What's next? What's next?" Cammy asks.

   "We hide while we think up an escape plan," I say. "I guess you already have a place picked out, huh, Pitstop?"

   "You're right as brake fluid is important," Pitstop says. "We're going underground."

   "There's an underground to this city?" I ask. "I thought Moon City One was only dome-shaped buildings, tunnels, and hangar bays."

   "No, Jpeg," Pitstop says. "You ain't seen nothing yet."  

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